Posted in 2010 on, this details the build of my first little shop corner before I became a full time woodworker.


“I started 3 weeks ago with the insulation of my workshop “assembly area” without which I would be stuck by the cold.
it is only a 5by4 meter corner of the hangar in which I have my workshop, the stationary tools and wood storage are “outside” of the corner
the whole process which i believed would take a little more than a week, finally took over 3 weeks!
I started by making new double glazed windows, which took me an entire week alone, then I pre-made the 4 wooden walls, placed them, laid the roof, placed the insulation, 6inch in the ceiling, and 4 in the walls. well the pics speak for themselves.
the door bay is 140’’ wide, and the insulated doors can be removed as soon as it gets warm enough.
I’m currently using a petrol heater but I think I will switch to an electric heater. the space is so well insulated that turning on the shop vac or router makes the temp rise by 4 degrees after 2 minutes.

anyway I think I’m ready to face the winter, though there is still allot to do like finishes, or clamp and wood racks to make.”