The MF-TB is a homemade wooden toolbox that locks on top of classic and T-loc systainers, i designed this so i could always have a little workbench with me.

It has a worktop similar to an MFT with a  groove in the middle that serves as a handle, but also has a storage space inside for tools, hardware and everything you want to have close at hand. I also made a youtube video.

Here is a modified version of the MFTB that turns it into a  router table and jigsaw table.

systainer homemade workbench

Above you see an MFTB locked to two systainers, with this little pack you almost have a small workshop with you. the one above is a MFTB-1 version, this means it has the height of a systainer no 1, i also built a no2 and no4 MFTB, the bigger they are the more you store inside or the larger the front clamping surface.

wooden systainer homemade

Above you see a MFTB-2 with the MFT clamps on the front that serve as a rest for clamping boards, the great thing is that you can clamp stuff anywhere on it and still open the lid to access the inside.

Before getting to this result i made a few prototypes, the first one was made out of MDF and beechwood, a very solid combination, but way too heavy. So i made the next prototype out of much lighter materials like plywood and pine, but i still kept mdf and beech for the worktop because it’s so resistant.

festool homemade systainer workbench

Above you see the combination that i always take with me, my homemade toolbox insert in a sys4 below with a T-15 on top of it, a carvex and topped by my multifunction workbench. It’s increadible handy to have all the things you need at a comfortable height next to you. When using small bits and drill bits, you can just drop them through the holes instead of tossing them on the ground and often loose them.  

You can either try to build your own version, or save yourself the hassle i went trough designing, testing and planning this and simply purchase the plans. I made a 26 page instruction manual containing all the plans, cut lists, material lists and step by step instructions with pictures of every step. It also contains plans for 7 diffent jigs that will help speed up production, as i designed them with an eye on producing MFTB’s in series. The plans are in metric, but there are directions for those who
use imperial measurement and materials.

Here is a list of tools i used to build the MFTB, some are required(R) stongly suggested (S) or optional (O)

  • table saw R
  • router R
  • drill R
  • band saw S
  • planer S
  • jig saw S
  • jointer O
  • miter saw O
  • drill press O
  • sander O
  • domino joiner O
  • brad nailer O


Press the button below if you wish to purchase the plans, as soon as i recieved the payement i will send the plans to your mail address.  Available in English, French and German.


Plans page here

Contact me if you have any questions or requests at

Those who wish an invoice with separate VAT can contact me with their details and european VAT number.

If you built an MFTB i would be delighted to post pictures of it here on my site, so don’t hesitate to send me some. 

Below are a few pictures from Michael from Ohio who has made a very interesting modification with several base plates he uses to attach his plunge saw or router under the top.

homemade table sawrouter table

Below is a very cool MFTB table made by Alan S in the USA!

festool mftb table

Here is an interesting MFTB made by Brad from the USA and his comment:

“I had the sys 5 build pit o shop scraps about two months ago but got right to using it and not taking any pictures. But now I have attached a few, and am looking to tackle the Multi function cart next. I will send pics of that too when I am done. My trade is general construction and I can fit all the hand tools I need on the job in this box. Thanks for the plans, they worked great


Below is a picture from an interesting MFTB made by a French woodworker, it is made out of grey MDF and he used a T-loc knob to close it and allow it to attach systainers on top of it:

homemade systainer fait maison


Below are a few pictures from Mike from the UK and his comment:


“Thanks again for sharing the plans-I’m very pleased with the mftb 1 that I built.

I have had the chance to test it over the last few weeks on various carpentry jobs and it has been a joy to use!

I have used it for cutting threaded studding and timber shelves and have even used it as a platform to stand on. It contains all my Festool clamps, 2 Japanese hand saws, coping saw and rasps, and sits at the top of the stack at a convenient working height.

I also built a mftb 4 and will be fitting a router into it as my big router table is not portable and it would be nice to be able to shape stuff out on jobs.

I will eventually get around to painting them as I like the integrated look with the Tanos stuff.

Once again thank you for taking the time to share your great ideas.

Regards, Mike.”


mike MFTB

mike MFTB

Below is a picture from C. Gordon from Virginia USA and his comment:


“Dear Sir,

I received your MFTB plans, and have completed a size 2 bench. I did not bother with the corner clips for the classic Systainer, only with the fittings for the T-Lock. Your plans are superb: clear, concise, and easy to follow. I am very pleased with the bench, and and I look forward to using it.”