A drying rack is a great addition to any workshop, only it is difficult to find space for it. That is why I came up with this simple, yet effective design.

drying rack
This rack can easily be adapted to the work pieces and even be dismounted when not in use.

I made mine from pine wood, and the support stick out of beech wood. The holes where I insert the sticks are square and angled at 45 degrees. This can be easily done on a benchtop square mortiser by angling the cutter at 45 degrees from the fence. If you don’t have a mortiser then you also just use round holes, but then you need to buy round sticks as well.

The advantage of the angled square sticks is that the work piece is held on the edge, so that the contact surface is minimal. This way the drying finish doesn’t stick as much and the stick doesn’t mark the piece.

drying rack

When not in use you can just
pull out the sticks, they also tend to bend over time, but because they
are square you can simply turn them around. With round stick that would
not be easy!