I recently invested in 12 Bessey K-body revo clamps, but they didn’t fit in my clamp racks. And properly storing clamps is a necessity because of how cumbersome they can get.

Here on this Youtube video you can see the construction.


bessey clamp rack

You can download the  3d sketchup model in the public library under “bessey clamp rack”.

With these clamps i also bought some accessories, so i built in a shelf above the rack to store these.

k body revo homemade rack

I made my rack out of 18mm plywood, simply assembled with screws/pocket holes, it can house 12 of these clamps, each clamp needs 60mm of space so you can adapt this design to the amount of clamps you have, by adding or removing 60mm per clamp.

clamp rack

Below you can see the dimensions of each part,  if you don’t wish to have a shelf above the rack you can make it shorter and leave the shelf out. I could have stored the accessories on the rack top but they would get dusty quicker!

homemade clamp rack

To make the slots i first drilled out a 10mm hole centered at 27mm from the rear edge, because the clamp bars are 9mm wide, you don’t want more than 1mm of play.

With the hole drilled i cut out the slots with a jig saw, this was a great occasion to take out my jig saw table

bessey rack

I didn’t apply any finish to it because i like the look of natural plywood, i sanded the rack with my DTS400 and the edges by hand to remove the sharpness. Then i just screwed it level into the wall studs.

Below is a user made rack from Canade made by Aaron, he made one for himself and one for his neighbor! His can take 20 clamps.

bessey rack

clamp rack