This is a heavy workbench that I initially custom made for a customer and which bears his name. This workbench is possibly the ultimate base for ones perfect workbench. Easy to adapt and dismantle.

After getting regular demand for the same model I started offering it as a standard model.

The model depicted below is the standard issue in oak, but it can also be made in beech for the same cost.

  • can be dismantled.
  • Two drawer cabinets with 7 drawers each, can also be replaced by doors.
  • drawers assembled with dovetail joints.
  • 2 large drawers under the top, one for tools and a curved one for filings.
  • Pull out drawing table in the middle.
  • Open shelf above the drawers to lay tools or equipment.
  • Worktop entirely in solid wood 44mm thick.
  • half circle cut out 30cm deep.
  • Rear edge with rail to store tools.
  • Partly solid wood, partly veneered, finished with oil and wax.
  • Includes 2 bench pins
  • handmade in Belgium

prijs Excl BTW:  € 1418,18
prijs Incl BTW:  € 1716

Below the curved middle drawer, drawing table and tool drawer.

Drawer in solid wood (aside for the bottom panel) and dovetailed assembly.

Below a workbench with several options, leather skin, pull out trays and a special cut out shape in the work top. A leather skin can be added for €70 VAT included.

Close up of the pull out trays, those can be added for €50 (on both sides)

Below the benchmate system instead of the classical bench pin, also a routed groove along the edge of the work top.

Routing the edge can be done for €20 and adding the benchmate system as shown costs €96 (VAT included)

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