Regularly I build custom workbenches to suit the specifications of the user.

You give me a description of what you are looking for and I will make a rapid 3d sketch so you can have a clear image of the project. The example below is from a 4-person workbench that i made for “jewels design”, they organise short workshops for small groups. thanks to this workbench each student has his place and everyone works together in comfort.



établi sur mesure orfèvre


Below a double workbench based on the BAS model.

Below a custom made oak model with special laptop drawer.

Below a solid beech workbench made in two units for a jewellery in Ghent, it is based in the premium model but then in solid beech entirely.

Custom made workbench, simple but solid construction.

Below a beech BAS workbench.

Below is an oak workbench based on the BAS model, but with a cabinet instead of the two drawer cabinets.

Below is an entirely equipped workshop in Paris, everything is made in solid oak, from the workbench to the wall cabinets.

goudsmid atelier

this workbench has a 60mm thick top, sheep skin, retractable sanding paper storage and a soldering drawer.

werkbank edelsmid



Below is an oak desk/workbench with bench pin, de lower drawer front drops open so it can serve as a laptop desk. When closed the pc is protected from the dust.



Below a solid oak table, used for attaching a bench press or wire press.

bankschroef tafel

Below an adapted BAS workbench, 2 meters long with additional storage shelves on the side, finished with grey oil.

grote werkbank

Below the same model but in beech wood.


Below is a custom made workbench with a drop down screen, made in oak, placed in the living room.

eik edelsmid

werkbank eik

Below is a beech workbench with a more modern look.

werkbank goudsmid

The same workbench but finished with white oil.

moderne werkbank

The same one finished with grey oil.


The same one again, but taller and finished with teak stain.

juwelier werkbank

Below a custom made oak workbench, made in over 30 units for a French workshop.

werkbank eik

werkbank goudsmid

Custom made worktops for a customer, these are designed for diamond fitting.


Below are a few BAS models with different versions.

edelsmid werkbank

juwelier werkbank

beuken werkbank

Below are a few images of a custom beech workbench made with the plans drawn by the goldsmith. note the support plate that can be placed on several levels to be level with the work surfaces.

beuken werkbank

etabli hetre

werkbank zetter goudsmid

edelsmid werkbank eik

zetters werkbank