In order to keep basic tools within hand reach at the workbench, but off the workbench, I needed a handy rack to store them. In the video below you can see the construction, I used solid beech, since there is not a whole lot of wood involved I figured this was a good way to use scraps of an otherwise valuable species.

As you can see below, one end of the rack is used for hanging wrenches for the routers and scraping knives. On top you can see the rail clamps attached to the bottom of the tool cabinet with short pieces of T-tracks.

Up to recently I had been going along with a rag tag mix of good quality “nooitgedagt” (Dutch brand that no longer exists) chisels that I found in a yard sale but I was missing many sizes and they had been suffering from abuse. Therefore I treated myself last Christmas to a complete set of Narex chisels and files, so far the quality and “out of the box” sharpness is amazing. Therefore I still kept one large Nooitgedagt chisel on the rack for “dirty work” involving glue etc…

On the right end of the rack I made two slots for a plastic mallet and hammer, and 4 holes for the MFT clamps.

Below you can see drawings and quotes of the rack I made, I used the X-carve CNC to cut out all the slots but they can be easily drilled out with a forstner bit, and the slots with a jig saw. If you want to add screwdrivers to your rack then simply drill small holes to fit them.

download the sketchup model (free): tool rack-system workshop


These holes are made to fit the Narex chisels but each brand will require a different type of hole, I suggest you play around with different hole sizes to test the fit of your chisels, there is nothing more annoying than to have the chisels hanging over in all directions.