Occasionally I get to do interesting projects for customers, this one was interesting enough to share. I had already built similar racks years ago for the same customer but they needed 4 more. This was a great occasion to make an interesting construction video and show how I use my system workshop workbench for actual commissioned work. These racks are in fact copies of racks they already had, the first time they sent me one as an example which I copied.

I can’t openly disclose who the customer is, but as far as I know these racks are for storing rifle prototypes or custom made ones.

Download the sketchup mode here: gun rack

The mobile racks are nothing fancy, pine and luan plywood. What’s important is to protect the rifles since some custom made rifles are worth more than a brand new car. When I made the first racks I didn’t have the X-carve CNC, so I had to draw and cut out all the slots by hand with a jig saw, a tedious operation that required lots of finishing work. Here I used it to make a copy jig for the router. I could have gotten the X-carve to cut out all the parts directly but that would have taken hours. My OF2200 router could cut these out in just two passes.

Strips of rubber glued in place with contact glue, you can’t use apparent nails or screws  as they would risk damaging the rifles.