Sysport workbench

edit: this article is about the original sysport workbench in my first small shop, a few years later I moved to a larger shop and made an updated version of this workbench here.   My homemade sysport workbench has become an...

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DC Floor sweep

In an effort to keep the mess to a minimum i built a floor sweep connected to the DC system, no DC system is perfect and lots of dust and chips escapes and ends up on the floor. Sweeping this dust and disposing of it is time...

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MF-TB router-jigsaw table

This is one of the possible modifications of the MFTB, please note that this is my own design, and that it is not manufactured, sanctioned or endorsed by Festool. Nor Festool, nor I can be held responsible for anything that...

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Toolbox insert for systainer

Occasionally i do jobsite work and it was always a hassle to figure out which tools i might need, and since i didn’t really have a dedicated toolbox i would take one of my tool systainers, remove the insert and throw in...

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Woodworking plans

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