Welcome to the section of my website dedicated to my workshop and projects, in this section you will find blog posts of my various projects, the plans that I sell and other workshop related information.

Below you can see an interactive image of my workshop, I often get questions about the size and lay out of my shop so I decided to create this image. You can click on the various items to get more information or go to the corresponding pages.

I built my workshop in 2015 in an existing building, which used to be a cow stable. The dimensions were fixed so I had to take that into account when laying out the shop. Each machine has sufficient space to manage work pieces that are 4 meters long, and enough space to navigate between the machines.

Quite a difference from my previous shop where I had a 4x5m assembly room and all the stationary machines were outside. Building this shop took me about 4 months.

Recent additions to my shop include the MFSC cart, I started drawing the first plans in early 2014 but it was only in the summer of 2017 that I managed to complete the design.





Earlier in the winter of 2016-2017 I undertook the first major upgrade to the new shop by upgrading my assembly room with new workbenches and storage cabinets called the system workshop, based largely on my previous sysport workbench, but only longer.





And lets not forget the MFTC workbench which I designed early on after becoming a professional woodworker, noticing after doing my first on site jobs with other woodworkers, that at best they were using make-shift tables, at worst working on the floor. Realizing there was no suitable commercial option available, I set about designing a mobile workbench that would carry the basic tools and be easy to transport and deploy.


(image from a user-made MFTC)