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Whether you are taking lessons to become a goldsmith wanting to exercise on a workbench at home, a professional looking for a solid workbench or if you have custom demands.

Then you found the right website!

If you are looking for other workshop, goldsmith or watch maker related work then don’t hesitate to contact me.

On a regular base I try to post useful info for other woodworkers in the woodworking blog of my website..



New Custom benches

These two benches below were made for the same business who needed a new watch maker work bench, and a goldsmith work bench, both in beech.


Special workbench

This is a BAS workbench with an oak stain, with drawers up to the top, two central curved drawers and Bakelite knobs.


New custom made workbench

Here is a recent custom workbench in solid oak with a benchmate system.


New custom workbench

Below a very special L-shaped workbench based on the BAS model with one goldsmith and one watch maker position. In beech wood with grey oil. Storage cabinets below for electrical machines.


Custom made workbench

Below a recently custom made workbench based on the BAS model but with two positions.


New junior model

Recently I have updated and improved the junior model to streamline production and to improve it’s quality. It now has more drawers and an improved finish quality. From now on it is identical to the premium model aside from the side drawers, also available in a wider version with one drawer cabinet.


New custom made benches

A few new custom made benches have been added to the custom work section of my website, below are a two examples.

Solid beech model based on the premium workbench, made in two units for a jewellery located in Ghent.

Custom oak model made for a customer in France.