System workshop

After finishing my new workshop in 2015, I moved in quickly with my previous workbenches and cabinets to start working again for customers. My previous shop was very small, I had a 4x5m room for all my assembly work...

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MF-TC: Multifunction tool cart

The MF-TC is a homemade tool cart, in my workshop i have my sysport workbench and for small job site work i designed the MFTB tool box. But when i started doing larger job site work helping out other woodworkers i noticed something was...

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X-carve CNC router

In the summer of 2015 I was contacted by the people of  Inventables to see if I was ok with them sending me an X-carve of my choice entirely for free, in exchange of a video and honest review...

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Saw dust stove

After completing the build of my new workshop in the summer of 2015, winter was approaching and came the time to decide about which method I would use to heat the workshop. Initially I was leaning toward heat pumps...

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Drying rack

A drying rack is a great addition to any workshop, only it is difficult to find space for it. That is why i came up with this simple, yet effective design. This rack can easily be adapted to the workpieces and even...

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Kapex auxiliary fence

The Kapex is a great miter saw, probably the best around. But in my experience and from reading on forums it is prone to kick backs. At least mine is, i bought mine used some years ago and at some point noticed...

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Clamp rack

I recently invested in 12 Bessey K-body revo clamps, but they didn’t fit in my clamp racks. And properly storing clamps is a necessity because of how cumbersome they can get. Here on this Youtube video you can see the construction.  ...

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Sysport workbench

My homemade sysport workbench has become an invaluable addition to my workshop, it is built around optimizing the Festool system and the use of modern power tools and techniques. Back in 2011 i made a quite awful video of my workshop featuring this...

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